Leadership Israel

#JEXIT has grown into a very powerful national movement with thousands of followers! We started out as a Facebook group in October 2018, which quickly developed into JEXIT Inc., a Florida Not for Profit 501c4 Educational Organization.

We are focused on moving the needle for the Jewish vote by holding Town Hall Events, Rallies and other creative activities; podcasts, radio/TV appearances and social media in order to stimulate dialogue/communication with moderate Democrats, undecided and unaffiliated voters! We also offer a home for those Jews who “Jexited” and are looking for likeminded people to join forces with and get involved in promoting our message! #JEXIT’s mission is not only to educate and encourage American Jews to exit the Democrat Party but in addition, we are committed to restoring and preserving the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded upon. We stand with our Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters against anti Semitism and we stand united with Israel. Our belief is that, "Together We Are Stronger!" jexitusa.org